Alpha Broadtip Permanent Marker

Alpha Broadtip Permanent Marker

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Create bold lines that withstand tough conditions with the Alpha Broadtip permanent markers.

Label boxes, make posters, signs or displays with the Alpha Broadtip permanent marker.  The ink is water-resistant, fade-resistant and dries quickly preventing smudges and smears.  The Alpha Broadtip permanent markers feature tough, durable nibs, which produce a 16mm, 9mm or 2.5mm line width.  Ideal for demanding environments such as warehouses and factories, the large aluminium barrel and chunky plastic cap enable use with gloves on.

    Permanent ink formulated to last
    Create clean lines suited for a variety of tasks
    Nib shape creates several line widths
    Markers are sold individually or boxed

Colours : black, red, blue, green.
Packaging : Single or boxes of 10 (single colour)
Usage : Suitable for writing on paper, wood, plastic, glass and clean or painted metal.